Spirit Central – Cheer

Present at every sports game, bringing their full spirit, are our Upper School Cheerleaders. Every day after school, their practice runs for two hours, and yet their skill and spirit continue to energize us students on the stands at games. With outstanding performances and uplifting cheers, our cheerleaders are truly the backbone of our school spirit. 

The cheer season has been going great for all our cheerleaders, but especially for our newest freshmen cheerleaders. They are fully embraced and welcomed once they join the team, and even have “bigs” to guide them along. Each new freshman cheerleader is assigned one or two “bigs,” which are upperclassmen that help them get a feel for how cheer works in the Upper School. This small program builds a strong bond between a freshman and her“big,” creating a tight-knit community among the cheerleaders, with no freshman left behind. In turn, every freshman has their respective duties that usually involve picking up the mats and equipment. While it seems as though they are stuck doing the dirty work, all the upperclassmen cheerleaders had their fair share of work when they were freshmen.

Fortunately, our football team has been going strong with many wins this season, but even the few losses they met never deterred the cheerleaders’ spirit. Even when our homecoming game had to be moved to play at The Woodlands Christian Academy, the cheerleaders never faltered. One cheerleader, Lola Martinez, says that, “It was funky, but it was really fun, because on the way there we all rode with our bigs since they didn’t have a bus for us.” Especially when riding for long hours to go and cheer at away games, the bus rides are full of fun and bring the cheerleaders even closer together.

Overall, the cheerleaders have brought so much energy to each and every game they attended, which is evident due to their many hours of practice and outstanding performances. So, a big shout out and thank you to all of our Upper School Cheerleaders!