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The Dragon Tales

The Student Newspaper of The John Cooper School

The Dragon Tales

The Student Newspaper of The John Cooper School

The Dragon Tales


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Spirit Week Sensations
By Adithi Reddy April 25, 2023

During the week of February 13th, Upper School students participated in a variety of activities to get into school spirit and bond with others,...

Heaven is an Ex-Locker Room
By Caroline Dylewski April 25, 2023

Tucked away in an unassuming corner of the Austin Gym lies the yearbook room, a hallowed place on the John Cooper campus. A haven of graffitied...

Getting Through Finals
By Felicity Sebastian April 25, 2023

It’s that time of year again— the one that we all simultaneously love and hate. Love, because summer is so close we can feel it around us—...

By Konrad Sjoqvist April 25, 2023

Moose are fascinating and whimsical creatures. They are mighty, yet majestic. Moose can measure up to six feet tall, and the largest recorded...

Senior student section
We’re Having a Ball— US Dragons Spend Homecoming at the Beach
By Caroline Dylewski November 1, 2022

Homecoming. The epitome of the high school experience. A quad full of students walking to class with elaborate costumes and relentless enthusiasm....

The Great Halloween Debate
The Great Halloween Debate
By Felicity Sebastian November 1, 2022

Everyone loves candy. But sweet or sour? Chocolate or gummies? And finally, candy corn or not? The most popular candies in the US are Reese's...

Kindergarten-Senior Adoption
By Susannah Keiser November 1, 2022

Senior year brings with it many exciting privileges and traditions, but a favorite is Kindergarten-Senior Adoption. Every September, the current...

Mr. Gyves participates in an Upper School French class
The Life of Mr. Gyves
By Adithi Reddy November 1, 2022

Once school starts, students get into a routine of going to class, doing homework, going to sports, and other activities the school offers. Having...

Enough About Students’ Social Lives. How Are Teachers Keeping Up?
By Annabelle Wu November 1, 2022

At the dawn of my junior year and newfound upperclassman status, several teachers have encouraged my classmates and me to check in on the younger...

Custom Kicks in the Community
By Andrs Karst, Jacob Bailey, and Martin Buberl November 1, 2022

Custom Kicks is a student project created by four Cooper freshmen: Jacob Bailey, Martin Buberl, Andrs Karst, and Erik Rumelhart. One afternoon,...

Mr. Tony Yarbrough
Pep Band Keeps the Pep Up!
By Leah Ruckman November 1, 2022

When thinking of Friday Night Lights, you may think of the football, the cheerleaders, and the fans. But even though you may hear them, many people forget about the band. During Friday-night home games, the band works hard to create energy and pep for the players and the fans through their musical performance. The truth is the Cooper community doesn’t really get to see much of the band, besides...

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Varsity Cheerleaders keep Cooper spirit strong
Fall Sports Recap
By Caroline Dylewski November 1, 2022

As the regular Fall Sports season comes to an end, a review of the incredible work our athletes and teams have put in over the past three months is certainly deserved.  Before the school year even began, our Cooper Dragons were hard at work getting ready for the season ahead. Camps, practices, workshops, and scrimmages were all well under way by August 18th.  Our Upper School teams were more than...

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Puppy— Konrad Sjoqvist
February 1, 2023


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Why History?
Why History?
By Susannah Keiser February 11, 2022

 We will all read something written hundreds of years before we were born throughout our high school careers. Whether it's Shakespeare, William...

Epilepsy Awareness
Epilepsy Awareness
By Emily Hamer November 2, 2021

We’ve all heard about it. We’ve all seen it play out, whether it was real or as a joke. However, there is still a lot of confusion and miseducation...

Summer Bee-gone
Summer Bee-gone
By Xavier Robb November 2, 2021

Summer is on its last legs and fall is on its way, which means that soon we will be able to go outside without fear of melting. This is great,...

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