Homecoming 2021 Review

Although any school dance could be described as a magical event, I think it’s fair to say that this year’s Homecoming really leaned into its theme. Last month, students were able to enjoy one of the school’s biggest social events, which had a lot to live up to. ‘A Magical Evening’ promised a lot for students: spirit days in advance, activities in the week before, an exciting football game, and a night to remember.

This homecoming dance was the first for many Cooper students, including myself- 2020’s event was canceled for pandemic-related concerns, and many were worried that this year’s event would be similarly canceled. But with specific health and safety measures, 2021’s homecoming event was allowed to take place. 

Leading up to the homecoming football game on September 17th, an important annual event for the team, Coach John Hoye helped organize both a spirited Homecoming pep rally and catered tailgate, which boosted the spirits of students and faculty ahead of the big game.

However, calamity nearly took the game by surprise, as the football field experienced electrical difficulties and a blackout, causing the game to be relocated to the Woodlands Christian Academy’s field instead. However, despite the issue, Cooper would emerge victorious. Looking back on the night, William Bisso, one of the varsity team members, laughs- “it was a ‘lights out’ game,” he says, “An exciting one.”

The homecoming dance was held the following night. Students entered through the Rock building, and made their way to the campus’ center courtyard, which was illuminated by rows of overhead lights that produced an almost fairytale-like atmosphere. Though the event, which lasted for several hours, was filled with music and dance, the most exciting part for many was the ability to spend an evening with their friends. As Kendall Cooper, co-president of the junior class of 2021, tells me: “we hadn’t had a homecoming for two years, so it was nice to get back to being with people again!” I spoke to one junior, Henley Mullins, who noted that, “It was a bit chaotic, but what dance isn’t?”

School socials and dances are an important part of the special atmosphere that creates a high school, and Cooper makes no exception. To get back to such fondly-thought of events bodes well for the school, which has been trying to help students be reacclimated after an isolated year. As Coach Hoye put it in an email announcing the homecoming events, “we are not just back to school, we are back where we belong!”