JCS Student Hosts Interview with US Representative

Last month, junior Kendall Cooper had the exciting opportunity to interview Congressman Dan Crenshaw in a Junior State of America (JSA) live event. Cooper is an experienced JSA member and a well-versed interviewer. “I actually did feel kind of comfortable with what I was doing, just because in the past, I’ve interviewed Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice. So, having that experience really helped,” Cooper said. The virtual event was live-streamed via Zoom, and members of John Cooper’s JSA chapter gathered in the Borque Library for a watch party. 

The event was the result of devoted preparation and planning in all aspects. “I had to meet with the Head of JSA weekly to go over questions, prep for the interview, and review the script,” noted Cooper. However, due to the unpredictable timing of congressional voting, Congressman Crenshaw was occupied when the interview was supposed to begin. Nevertheless, Cooper handled the situation with professionalism, going off-script by answering questions from other attendees about her own experiences within JSA and the organization as a whole. 

Once the interview began, Cooper asked many insightful and intuitive questions, from current events to Congressman Crenshaw’s recent book. While the congressman responded to questions, some of which were submitted by JCS students, attendees got a unique look at the inner chambers of the Capitol. “My favorite part was gaining that experience of working with someone with political views I don’t necessarily align with, so it was really engaging and educational,” Cooper said. 

Cooper’s interview exemplified dedication and expertise, a true embodiment of JSA’s mission to fight political apathy and encourage bipartisanship. Her fellow JSA members and chapter adviser, Donielle Albrecht, are incredibly proud of her work. “Kendall’s interview was impressive! People were routinely shocked that she is still in high school!” Ms. Albrecht said. “Overall, she handled the delay in schedule with Congressman Crenshaw with tremendous poise and made me proud to call her a Cooper JSA member.”