Spirit Week Sensations

During the week of February 13th, Upper School students participated in a variety of activities to get into school spirit and bond with others, which was exciting, entertaining, and competitive as each grade level aimed to gain the most spirit points by the end of the week. Spirit Week is an important part of the year because students are able to participate in activities of their choice and cheer on their grade in a positive way. This builds a sense of community, improves mental health, and increases school pride. Each day involved a different theme to dress up as and a game for different grade levels to play against each other. Students and teachers had fun throughout the week with the tension of the games, longer lunches, and shorter classes. Ultimately, the seniors won Spirit Week, which brought a mixture of emotions between grade levels and a cheerful feeling for seniors, now having bragging rights and the reward of no dress code for the rest of the year.  

Day 1 Green Out

The theme was Green Out, and students decked out in green clothing, necklaces, and sunglasses. During advisory time, students gathered in the Dunlap Gymnasium to watch their grade-level players compete against other grades in volleyball and be treated to green snacks from the Parents Forum. The first rounds were the Freshmen versus Juniors and Sophomores versus Seniors, where students watching in the stands cheered on their grade level and players pushed themselves to do their best. The juniors won and competed against the faculty team, beating them as well.  

Day 2 Teddy Bear Tuesday

Valentine’s Day led the Cooper students to be festive in the holiday as the theme was to wear Valentine’s Day colors and bring a teddy bear. When students arrived at school in the morning, they received the treat of free pancakes and smoothies from the cafeteria thanks to Chef Ryan and Chef Nikki. The atmosphere on the campus was lighthearted as students were looking forward to watching the trivia game in the GPAC. During trivia, Ms. Hill asked questions to the grade level’s contestants on a variety of topics including questions about Cooper faculty members, testing their knowledge. The seniors won trivia, beating the sophomores and the faculty team. At the end of the school day, students built the Canstruction house, which supported an important cause in the Woodlands community. 

Day 3 Brain vs. Brawn 

On Wednesday, students dressed up as “Brain vs .Brawn,” where people got creative with their costumes when adhering to the theme. The competition of the day during advisory time was dodgeball, which brought the enthusiastic crowd to support their grade level’s representatives and created high energy between students, faculty, and coaches in the gymnasium. Grade levels got competitive within one another, and team members strategized on the best way to win. Each grade level had different approaches towards the game, but all were persistent and dedicated to winning. After a hard fight, the seniors won dodgeball. After school, people came together for the dedication ceremony of the Canstruction house, and deconstructed the house so the cans could be donated to the Montgomery County Food Bank. In the evening, the Dragon Bowl competition took place, where grade levels competed against each other in Flag Football. Dragon Bowl was a great way for students to have fun and bond with one another in spirit. 

Day 4 Final Day

On the last day of Spirit Week, each grade had their own respective theme, with Soccer and BBQ Parents (Freshmen), Super Sophomores, Gym Bro Juniors, and Julius Seniors facing off during the much-anticipated activities during the hour-long advisory period, building up the tension of announcing the winner of the week. Faculty members participated in “Minute to Win It” games such as stacking cups and flipping water bottles, where one teacher would represent a grade level. After, each grade performed their Dragon Dance, which was long-awaited and brought entertainment for students. During the Dragon Dance, each grade had a performance that incorporated their theme into the dance with fun music and choreography in a creative manner. Prizes were awarded to a representative from each grade level for the best costume for each theme day. As the games were ending, teachers awarded final points to each grade and decided the winner. Finally, it was announced that the seniors won Spirit Week, which brought joy to the seniors. Overall, everyone enjoyed the activities of the week and coming together as a school.