Cooper: Worldwide


Vijay Davis

Cooper’s International Flags

People within and outside of the Cooper community, from parents, students, and faculty to different local organizations, all contributed to this year’s International Week, a time to explore and celebrate the diversity within our student body and to learn more about other cultures and their many attributes, such as the arts, music, and sports that define them. “I really enjoyed International Week because I was surrounded by different cultures that Cooper doesn’t always get a chance to highlight. I loved seeing so much representation and learning about different places and customs,” Ana Lee said. “And I wish we had more opportunities for the student body to explain themselves through something such as a talent show.” Organized by International Club, the week has been a major success for all those involved. 

Now, for a quick recap of the week. Students started out the week with a flag parade, where students had the chance to exhibit where they’re from and share some quick facts about the different countries. On Tuesday, Film Club showcased a series of enlightening international short films, and many students participated in the Japanese calligraphy and Rangoli workshops to experience art from around the world. On Wednesday, players from each grade participated in a “mini World Cup,” with the seniors getting first place, followed closely by the sophomore class, and then the juniors and freshmen in third and fourth place, respectively. A fashion show was organized on the fourth day, where students could wear and show a piece of clothing linked to their culture, which was followed by a beautiful presentation from a Chinese modeling agency, showcasing modern clothing with traditional attributes. There were a wide variety of activities during lunch that day, complete with workshops of Henna, Mahjong, and making Mexican Fiesta flowers. Finally, the week came to a close with an intense international trivia competition by Quiz Bowl, which provided a chance to learn several unique facts about each country and its history. Of course, throughout the week, there was an incredible assortment of international food brought by students, parents, and faculty that presented a delicious way to learn about different cultures, from empanadas to Swedish meatballs (arguably the highlight of each day). 

Members of International Week worked hard since the beginning of the school year to organize an amazing week, which did not come without its challenges. “It was difficult to work with many other groups from inside and outside our school to organize International Week” Kelly Yang, a sophomore in the club, said. “But, it was a super fun process and I’m pleased by how the week turned out. I’m more than excited to work along new board members to organize next year’s International Week as well!” There’s no telling what different activities will be organized for the following years, but we’re excited to find out!